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          betway - 必威体育设施管理员工全职专业,技术,文秘,和工种人员。劳动力通过在关键的夏季保养活动,利用临时工和学生扩大。设施管理的任务是保持和加强在支持大学的学术和其他相关功能的校园物质环境。


          Facilities Maintenance & Operations

          Consisting of five divisions, Facilities Maintenance & Operations provides custodial services, landscape maintenance, building maintenance, mechanical maintenance, maintenance of campus utility infrastructure and heating plant operations.

          Facilities Planning & Construction

          Consisting of three primary functions, Facilities Planning & Construction oversees in-house construction and modification efforts, selects and manages external engineering resources for studies and design, and coordinates with the State Capital Development Board on all major capital construction projects on campus.

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